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  • Paloma Verde produces a high quality product at a very affordable price, is highly communicative about the status of orders and shipping, and even provides free samples - my wife and I love purchasing CBD products from them and heartily recommend them to anyone who wants quality, value and exceptional service.
    Nathan Deily
  • What a wonderful place to have in San Antonio, this CDB shop goes above and beyond for their customers! The owners are so genuine and knowledgeable about their products. You won’t be disappointed with their product or hospitality
    Olivia J.
    San Antonio, TX
  • What amazing products from the THC FREE gummies.. Extract…The need to visit Paloma Verde…the staff is great..they take the time to explain the benefits their products can do for you..has for me!! Thank you!!
    Debra F.
  • The products are great. The dog treats have done wonders for our dog with back problems. The melatonin has also been great. You wake up rested… regular melatonin usually leaves me sleepy. And the owners are great people. Be sure to tune in for the Friday trivia.
    Brad Flurry
  • Vanessa & Carlos are extremely knowledgeable about their products. Great quality, high end products in my opinion. The melatonin capsules are AMAZING! I actually wake up refreshed after taking them verses OTC melatonin. HIGHLY recommend.
    Vanessa Carreon
  • Heard about them on the Unregistered podcast. Loved the personalized note and and Strawberry Lemonade gummies!
    Reece Carpenter
  • I found this company thanks to a weekly podcast. I purchased the gummies and I have to say they are delicious. Personally, I am not a fan of green apple or strawberry lemonade, but what the heck, I tried them and they are amazing! So if you are not a fan of those types of flavors, don’t let it sway you. I take the gummies after my daily 6 mile run. It really helps with the aches and pains post running. I also appreciated the personalized note in my package. Can’t wait to reorder.
    Ryan Nadeau

Sobre Paloma Verde
CBD & Organics

Paloma Verde es tanto un negocio de familia como unaobra deamor. Escogimos el nombre por lo que representa lapaloma y el color verde. La paloma es una mensajera de amor y paz,mientras el verde simboliza la naturaleza, crecimientoyequilibrio. En Paloma Verde, nuestra visión es ofrecerunbalance de vida saludable a todos quienes exploranalternativasnaturales para el bienestar y la paz que todos nosmerecemos.