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Using weeds and roots is part of our Latin history. They have been used to treat illnesses, cleanse houses, perform rituals and, of course, to season our food. Their accessibility and affordability is one of the reasons Latinos are reported to consume more herbs than other ethic groups.

Our mission is shaped not only by family members who came to the U.S in search of better opportunities, but also by our ancestors.

We share roots with the indigenous tribe, Huicholes, in the Mexican state of Jalisco. They are known for their deep connection to corn and peyote. Every year they partake on a 250 mile spiritual pilgrimage to Wirikuta, a sacred peyote garden.

Going deeper into our history we find the Aztecs. They were expert herbalists and from them we received the first known herbal medicinal book, “Little Book of the Medicinal Herbs of the Indians”. The book was written by Martinis de La Cruz, an Aztec physician and it was translated to Latin by Juannes Badianus.

These ancient connections bring us full circle. Our quest to bring forth the benefits and uses of cannabis is just beginning. We are invested in ourselves and you. We are willing to push past taboos and start new conversations founded in strong roots and history. We are here to help you foster the connection to yourself and those who came before you.

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